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Principal s Diner s Club


PreK: Jaxx Hicks
K: Jax McNelly
1st: Garrett Krier
2nd: Brody Vanover
3rd: Jagger McNelly
4th: Brody Fifer
5th: Hannah Finley
6th: Sophie Boda


Perfect Attendance

The elementary has 26 out of 140 students who have perfect attendance through the month of October 2018. Parents, keep getting your children to school!!!!!


Bulldog Nation

Principal's Diner Club

Once again we celebrated our Student of the month by having our Principal's Diner Club. We celebrated by having pizza during the student's lunch. Hardin Elementary would like to thank Merchant and Farmers Bank for supplying the pizza and coming to eat with us. 


This Week (December 17-21)
● Monday we will be making reindeer ornaments
● Tuuesday we will be painting candy canes
● Wednesday we will be making reindeer food
● Thursday will be our gift exchange in the morning.
● Thursday will be our party at 12:00
● Thursday will be an early out at 12:30.
Next Week: (December 31-January 4)
● NO SCHOOL Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday
● Thursday and Friday we will be working on new bulletin boards
● Friday’s special class will be Music
Christmas gift exchange:
● We are having a gift exchange between the preschoolers. If you would like
to have your child participate please purchase a gift and send it to
school by December 18th. Boys are to buy a boy gift and girls buy a girl
gift. Our price limit is $5.00. If your child doesn’t bring a gift for the gift
exchange they will not get a gift from the gift exchange. Every student will
receive a gift from both teachers.
Weather Closings:
● The Preschool will be closed on the days that the school is closed for bad weather. If
there is no school, I will try to get a remind notice sent as soon as I find out. There will
also be Bulldog alerts sent as well. You can also check the local Kansas City television
stations. If there is a late start, the Preschool will be open and will start at the late start
time. However, if you choose not to bring your child on a late start day, you will not pay
tuition that day. However, please let us know by the remind app that your child will not
be attending school that day so we don’t worry that you have had an accident on your
way to school. If you have any questions about this, please don’t hesitate to ask.
Upcoming Events:
○ December 20th - Gift exchange ( please have gift here by the 18th )
○ December 20th - Early Out at 12:30 p.m.
○ December 21st - January 2nd - NO SCHOOL

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