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Welcome to Hardin-Central C-2 School District. Over the years, our district has combined with several neighboring schools to form the district we are today. Because of this, we are proud of our “Strength in Numbers.”

Message from the Superintendent

Superintendent’s Corner

Trey Cavanah

Hardin-Central C2  

The restart and reopening of this particular school year, fall 2020, brings many questions, concerns, and anxiety far beyond a typical new school year for all stakeholders.  But we can still have the same excitement of beginning a new school year as every other year.  In sum there are three major reopening options for school districts across the state this fall:

  1.  School buildings remain closed with students learning virtually
  2. Schools restart fully with students in classrooms with several modifications in place
  3. Schools reopen in some hybrid fashion with students using face-to-face instruction and virtual

Under each scenario, there are identifiable pros and cons.  As decision makers work out the details of return, there are sound educational practices that families must know to promote their child’s academic and behavioral success.  These five considerations form a checklist for families:


Relationships- Positive relationships are the hallmark of an effective teacher and essential to the success of students.  Look for your teacher to create a bridge to home through age appropriate projects and family educational goals.  Building credible relationships is a two-way street and families must be engaged.  Know your teacher’s contact information and use it on a regular basis to ask questions about content, expectations, technology concerns, and resources.


Expert in Communication- With the rapid movement of changes in these times, communication is imperative.  Schools are experiencing novel challenges and the amount of information is overwhelming to school personnel and parents.  Ask questions, be persistent in understanding the impact on your child, address the learning obstacles in the school.  For this school year, there is no such thing as over communicating- you must be in regular contact with your school to enjoy the full benefits of your child’s education.


Necessary Technology- Students will be introduced to Chromebooks, laptops, and on-line resources more than ever before this school year regardless of your school’s reopening decision.  The opportunity gap widens between students when some students are fully connected with technology and others limited to no access to technology.  Teachers will use video conferencing, online grading, and virtual learning activities, especially if a district imposes a self-imposed suspension during the year (which many are planning to combat the outbreaks of communal disease or to deep clean a facility).  Please attempt to become familiar with your teachers’ technology preferences and practices.  Many districts will be providing devices and ways to access these resources, ask your school for assistance if you lack regular Wi-Fi or technology equipment.


Emphasis on Health- There is a whole new standard to institutional cleanliness.  You should notice the difference visually in temperature checks, hand sanitizer stations, and social distancing attempts.  Many districts are recommending face masks in schools for students and staff.  Know the expectations of your school and talk to your student about their daily schedule.  Be aware that parent visitation policies to the building will and have changed.  Anxiety and stress have increased for teachers, administrators, and students.  Instilling a clear and consistent routine helps to reduce some of these feelings.


Evolving Plans- Your school may very well have adapted changing plans of action several times before the start of the school year, and even more as it is operating during this fall and winter.  Fully knowing the plan is essential as families juggle work schedules, activity calendars, and other family obligations.  Students maximize learning when there is structure to their environment, expectations, and support to achieve.  Comprehension of your school’s changing plans for learning provide confidence to master these traits.



Trey Cavanah


Hardin-Central C-2 School District





Trey Cavanah
Trey Cavanah
Hardin-Central C-2 Strength in Numbers
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