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Hardin Central School District

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Update on CLOSURE

April 15, 2020    

Hardin-Central Families:

Hardin-Central C-2 will honor the order of Gov. Parson and remain closed the remainder of the spring semester and educate students remotely through May 21.  Our goal during this time is to support student learning but recognize there are hardships and boundaries with remote learning and teaching.  All students are encouraged to complete the assigned tasks provided by their teachers.  These assignments and activities will benefit students through engagement and preparing them for the next grade level. 

Important information and dates:

  • May 21 will be the end of Fourth Quarter/Second Semester
  • Food service and delivery will continue until Thursday, May 21
  • Student assignments will be made available through Wednesday, May 20
  • Graduation will be postponed until a later date, we hope to schedule graduation in June
  • We will schedule a time this summer for students to pick up their belongings from school
  • Summer School information will be released at a future date

Middle School/ High School students will receive a semester grade reflective of what was earned in the third quarter.  Students who have continued to further their education with remote learning may improve upon that third quarter grade, however no students’ semester grade will be negatively impacted due to the suspension of classes.  Grades and assignments in Lumen may not be an accurate representation of current/final grades until exemptions are entered by the teacher in late May.  Students and parents are encouraged to contact their instructor if they have questions regarding classwork.   High School students enrolled in Dual-Credit and Launch courses are expected complete those courses in their entirety.

Elementary students will have grade cards, but because they were not tested on fourth quarter standards those assessments will be blank.  Teachers will be commenting on student progress throughout their performance second semester.  Parents will find these comments in the “Comment Section” at the bottom of the grade card. 


Trey Cavanah


Hardin-Central C-2 Schools



Welcome to Hardin-Central C-2 School District. Over the years, our district has combined with several neighboring schools to form the district we are today. Because of this, we are proud of our “Strength in Numbers.

Hardin-Central C-2 Mission Statement

The Mission of Hardin-Central C-2 School District is to provide a positive, child-centered environment that will ensure each student the opportunity to achieve his/her full potential.  We will recognize each student as an individual.  And strive to meet each student's needs.  We will provide an educational environment that encourages responsibility within the student.  We will teach students to be real-life problem solvers and effective communicators in a world that demands independence.


  • Staff, students, parents, and the community work together to create a safe, nurturing, and intellectually stimulating educational environment.
  • All students can learn and celebrate the successes of others and themselves by teaching them how to become life-long learners, being inquisitive about the world around them, and resourcefulness in meeting life's challenges.
  • To have all students achieve their maximum potential by allowing them to accept the responsibility to be prepared academically, physically, and emotionally for middle school, high school, college, and beyond.
  • As an educator, we need to build upon the strengths of the staff, parents, and community in developing the best educational programs to ensure the better interest of our students.  Our students need to experience happiness, self-motivation, self-confidence, and well-being during their time at Hardin-Central.

NEW 2020-2021 Missouri School Immunization Requirements

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