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Welcome to Hardin-Central C-2 School District. Over the years, our district has combined with several neighboring schools to form the district we are today. Because of this, we are proud of our “Strength in Numbers.”

Message from the Superintendent

Parent Involvement with Schools

As the school year is in full swing, I have put together some pieces of parental and educational advice that have benefitted myself and other parents for activities and school.  I often emphasize the importance of parents being involved in their child’s education process, and these pieces of advice are centered on parental involvement.  The following are just a few examples of parental advice offered by most educators:

Don’t let your child miss out on learning

 Whether your child is in preschool or sixth grade, a freshman or senior, it’s important to get them in the habit of going to school on time every day.  According to experts, missing school regularly-especially in the early grades- can hurt both the students who miss class and their classmates.  When students miss school, they miss out on learning.  When they return, they have to work hard to catch up…it doesn’t take long for these students to fall behind.  Studies have shown that students who have high levels of attendance are not only more successful students in areas of educational achievement, but they also have more success in their post-school years including their chosen careers.  Distance and Virtual Learning is more effective when routines are established.  Regularly scheduled times, places, and routines are beneficial to learners and a routine should be established for learning at home or on a device.

Learning to work with others leads to academic success

Your student will be expected to work with others throughout their academic career.  In this time of uncertainty, relying on others as well as driving for individual success is key for learners.  So whether there is a group project in Social Studies, a role in the school play, or playing on an athletic team, they’ll be more successful if they know how to be a team player.  To help your student be more of a contributor to their learning teams at school you could incorporate one or more of the following:

  • Teach fair ways to make decisions.  Have your child play “rock, paper, scissors” to see who gets the computer first, or flip a coin for the front seat. 

  • Praise your child when you see them being a team player.  “That was nice of you to let your brother choose the movie to watch.”

  • Allow family members to take turns making decisions- from television programs to selections for dinner, each member should feel like they contribute in some way.

A routine helps your child take responsibility for homework

You want your student to take responsibility for completing homework- and creating a homework routine can do just that.  To establish an effective routine, make sure your child has:

  • A well-lit study area- This can be a desktop or tabletop.  If it’s at the kitchen table, make the kitchen off-limits to others during study time.

  • A set study time- When does your student prefer to do homework?  Right after school or after dinner?  Experiment, then schedule the time that works best for them.

  • A homework survival kit- Include all of the supplies they might need to complete their homework- pencils, pens, erasers, markers, glue, scissors, etc.

  • Standby support- Encourage your child to get the phone numbers of classmates when they have homework questions.

  • Technology can both enhance and distract from learning- Encourage your child to stay focused on academics and clear of Social Media while studying, this keeps focus and attention on school work, and productivity often increases.

To all area students, parents, and educators- I wish you the best for a healthy, happy, and productive school year! 


Austin Purvis
Hardin-Central C-2 School District

Austin Purvis

Austin Purvis

Strength in Numbers