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Hardin Central School District

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CLAA JH Tournament

20-21 CLAA JH BB Tournament Procedures
Prior to arrival students will have had their temperatures taken. Bus will arrive at the back of the school
(west entrance) to unload and park along the softball right field fence. Students will have locker rooms
available as normal. We recommend wearing masks and social distancing. Each school will have a
designated area in the stands where fans and players will be able to sit. It’s suggested, but not
required that players be ready, in uniforms, warm ups, etc. ready to go for minimal locker room usage.
Both sets of bathrooms will be open (west and east side).
The only gate available will be at the main entrance. Patrons may use the back door (west) and the
main entrance doors (east). The doors off the gym are for exit only. There will be cones and signs to
direct patrons. Exact change is recommended. Over 62 free. Adults $3. Children $2.
Full concession stand will be open. Exact change is recommended, but not required. Please be
patient as we will be trying a new method when ordering and paying.
Seating :
Each school will have a designated area for their crowd and team to sit (watch for signs & tape).
Scorekeepers and administration are the only people allowed on the stage. Videographers and
managers are NOT allowed on the stage.
PT Conference

Welcome to Hardin-Central C-2 School District. Over the years, our district has combined with several neighboring schools to form the district we are today. Because of this, we are proud of our “Strength in Numbers.

Hardin-Central C-2 Mission Statement

The Mission of Hardin-Central C-2 School District is to provide a positive, child-centered environment that will ensure each student the opportunity to achieve his/her full potential.  We will recognize each student as an individual.  And strive to meet each student's needs.  We will provide an educational environment that encourages responsibility within the student.  We will teach students to be real-life problem solvers and effective communicators in a world that demands independence.


  • Staff, students, parents, and the community work together to create a safe, nurturing, and intellectually stimulating educational environment.
  • All students can learn and celebrate the successes of others and themselves by teaching them how to become life-long learners, being inquisitive about the world around them, and resourcefulness in meeting life's challenges.
  • To have all students achieve their maximum potential by allowing them to accept the responsibility to be prepared academically, physically, and emotionally for middle school, high school, college, and beyond.
  • As an educator, we need to build upon the strengths of the staff, parents, and community in developing the best educational programs to ensure the better interest of our students.  Our students need to experience happiness, self-motivation, self-confidence, and well-being during their time at Hardin-Central.

Families First Coronavirus Response Act of 2020

Under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act of 2020, families that qualify for free or reduced price meals at school may be eligible for a new one-time Pandemic Electronic Benefits Transfer (P-EBT) of up to $302 per child (Pre-Kindergarten – Grade 12) to help cover the cost of meals students have eaten at home on days that schools have been closed. Students can receive P-EBT benefits even if they have been or continue to receive meals provided by the school district during the school closure. If your child was not previously eligible for free or reduced price meals, but you have now lost income, you may be eligible to receive P-EBT benefits (review the P-EBT Eligibility Criteria document below).

The benefit is placed on an Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card families use to buy food. If you received Food Stamp (SNAP) benefits prior to school closure, do not apply for these new/additional benefits. The full $302 will automatically be loaded to your existing EBT card. If you did not receive Food Stamp (SNAP) benefits prior to the school closure, you must apply for this benefit by June 30, 2020 (see below).

Please review the following instructions carefully:

The most efficient way to apply is to submit your application online at Although you are likely experience a faster approval process it may take 2-3 weeks before you receive the benefit. If you’re not able to apply online, you can follow the link below to the paper application. The fillable PDF document can then be emailed or mailed to the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE).  A photo taken of the PDF application and emailed is not an acceptable form of application and may be denied. Make sure the PDF is complete prior to emailing.  An incomplete application includes, incorrect spelling of student name, missing student full last name, first name, nicknames, incorrect date of birth, incorrect school district/school name, or missing signature may result in a denied application.  Screenshots and snip images of the application may also be denied.  You will find complete instructions and additional details in the letter to families below.

Please review these important documents carefully:

Spanish Documents:

Please do not send completed applications to your school; see the letter to families above for application submission information.

The Department of Social Services (DSS) will send families a letter indicating they are approved or denied. If you have questions on how to apply for the P-EBT benefit, contact DSS through the online chat feature at or call 855-373-4636. For more information on the EBT card, visit:


NEW 2020-2021 Missouri School Immunization Requirements

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  • Migrant Children
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